Everyone on social media in America has seen a GoFundMe for some deserving person with a treatable condition and appalling medical bills they can’t afford. It’s become a regular staple of our digital lives. Cancer diagnosis? GoFundMe. Car wreck? GoFundMe. It’s become clear that a lot of us can’t afford to be ill.

Public fund raisers are well intentioned, but rarely cover the costs and the bills tend to pile up until the individual has no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Research indicates that medical debt is the root cause of two thirds of US bankruptcies. These debts are written off by caregivers, which simply passes the cost on to everyone who does pay their bills. In the end, healthcare is largely funded by the general public via payroll deductions for medical insurance.

Single payer health care is a hot button issue in America, but the reality is that de-facto socialized healthcare is here now, whether you like it or not. The major difference between the good-ole-USA and the rest of the industrialized world is that our healthcare costs are the highest and our outcomes are the worst of all first world nations.

It doesn’t take a lot of digging to discover that the only winner in American style health care is the legalized organized crime syndicates operating in the form of insurance companies. They have arranged, through careful lobbying and ceaseless propaganda to turn us into 330 million dupes gambling with their own lives while they rake in the profits.

When you realize that the insurance companies are also pillaging caregivers via medical malpractice insurance and have the full cooperation of both the judicial and legislative branches of government, it becomes clear why they spend so much money funding anti-social-medicine efforts that threaten to curtail both income streams. The fact that this subject is controversial at all just serves to show how good insurance companies and the people that own them have gotten at manipulating the public.

Ironically, thanks largely to the same indoctrination and a predictable pandemic, medical debt has now become a national emergency that may largely be borne by the same political right wing who has opposed single payer health care. Republicans now have five times the death rate of Democrats from COVID-19 and we can presume, based on better available care late in the pandemic cycle, that they will accrue a similar or even higher multiples of medical debt. When the bills start showing up, this may well change some minds on the usefulness of socialized medicine.

GoFundMe? No. The single most effective way for you to help every single person with a GoFundMe for medical expenses it to tell your legislators you support single payer healthcare.


Published by Brutus Feo, Heretic

Iconoclast, philosopher, scientist, nonconformist, writer and artist.

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