Hating Freedom

They hate freedom! This phrase and variations have become a stock answer for a variety of questions. It gets repeated so often, it goes unquestioned. Why do so many Arab Muslims feel that America is evil? They must hate freedom. Why do Democrats want to tax the rich to pay for universal health care? They oviously hate freedom. Why would someone support a vaccine mandate? Freedom hater. Why don’t they stand with their hand over their heart for the flag? Hate filled freedom loather.

I imagine those who repeat such misguided inanities actually mean well, but for hell’s sake, can you at least try not to sound like such a fucking tool?

Not one single person in history has ever ‘hated’ freedom. There have been plenty who have tried to take it from other people, but each one wanted freedom for themselves or some group of people. The idea of hating freedom is absurd and everyone knows it. Continuing to say such a stupid thing shows a lack of introspection bordering on blindness.

They hate freedom isn’t really what they even seem to mean. ‘They hate what we do with our freedom’ might be a little closer. They might be right about this. Arab Muslims might indeed be tired of drone strikes killing their neighbors and American foreign policy propping up dictators to keep gas prices down. Democrats may indeed be tired of American getting the worst healthcare for the highest cost of any industrialized nation. Vaccinated Americans are probably getting damned tired of watching the ICUs fill up with imbeciles while they patiently wait for everyone more concerned with their political identity than decency. I know for damned sure that people of color are sick and tired of being shot by the thin blue line.

So yeah. Maybe some people do hate the way certain folks USE their freedom. I certainly do. You can’t say they hate freedom itself, though. Keep saying it and you’ll only need two slices of bread to make yourself an idiot sandwich.

Published by Brutus Feo, Heretic

Iconoclast, philosopher, scientist, nonconformist, writer and artist.

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