The Elephant In The Room

Clearly, there is a partisan divide between those who take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and those who wish to minimize it. Social media is flooded with memes frantically exchanged from every direction. Desperate people mourning the dying or dead. Tired caregivers pleading for relief. Skeptical homebodies ready to storm the capitol (again). Blatant liars offering questionable solutions. Demands to recognize the rights of individuals as more important than the collective good.

It’s time to give all sides what they want. It is time to not just allow a ‘back to normal’ for America’s right wing, but to encourage it. Let them gather together without any limits – give the unvaccinated all the personal freedom they could want.

Meanwhile, everyone else does the now unthinkable. They go into full lockdown. 21 days. That’s all it will take. End 99.9% of transmission in the vaccinated subset of the population. It will take planning and forethought and probably massive public and or private funding, but zero contact for three weeks is absolutely doable. All that is really needed is a well communicated plan. The motivation is already there. We are all tired of this and looking for a way out. This is a way out.

In the interim, the medical community gives priority care to the vaccinated (and unable to vaccinate) refuses it to all others. (This is a sticky point, but absolutely necessary.)

Subsequently, all COVID medical care is then limited to vaccinated individuals and no-fault cases as determined by a review board who’s only duty is to ensure those who have willingly endangered others receive no covid related care.

The vaccinated populace must also refuse all contact with unvaccinated individuals, enforced by a simple, 100% voluntary database and easy to use smartphone app. Violators will be placed in the ‘no covid care/avoid contact’ category in the database.

Unvaccinated individuals will be encouraged to meet and celebrate their social victory at big, nationalistic super-spreader ‘patriot parties’, as part of the public/private funding noted above. Country music stars mixed with a few less flamboyant pop acts will be the headliners.

The pandemic will burn itself out in a few months as those left out scream about the injustice of it all.

Hint: Justice was the issue from day one and the pseudo-conservative right has clearly failed the most important civics test of our time.

Published by Brutus Feo, Heretic

Iconoclast, philosopher, scientist, nonconformist, writer and artist.

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