“Heresy is any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs…” Wikipedia

A Brutus Feo Project

Recent Heresies

Glorifying Violence

Why is it that a brutally severed human torso is acceptable for public broadcast so long as any female nipples are covered? What kind of sense does that make? Crime shows vie to show new and more graphic violence in each episide. You can witness body parts being stabbed with random implements and watch theContinue reading “Glorifying Violence”

Living Off The Land

There was a time when there was an inherent ‘Plan B’ for almost anyone. Given all sorts of possible disasters, a person could load up their family and a few posessions and drive up past the end of a dirt road. There, they could stake out a future in the wilderness and make due withContinue reading “Living Off The Land”

This is Going to End Badly

I’m no psychic. I’m just concerned that things have gotten badly out of hand and there may be no way out without some pretty ugly conflicts. In years past, anti-vaxxers were a small subculture of homebodies trading vinegar toxic cleanse recipes in the back alleys of the internet. No one took them seriously because theyContinue reading “This is Going to End Badly”

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